Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Reality tv, so cool to hate it

Its like the trendy thing nowadays to talk about how lame reality TV is. I agree shows like the Bachelor are pretty lame-o but regular TV is no better. Sitcoms are super annoying to me and every other show is about death: Numbers, CSI, Law & so many different Orders, Bones, The freaking Medium, you name it. DEATH every night of the week but in real life nobody will talk long about death. The non death shows are mostly about teenagers, yawn. Whatever happened to the art of TV, shows like Miami Vice? Reality is filled with death and yet the reality shows are pretty superficial. I mean, does every single girl on Fear Factor have to have implants?

Anyway, the INXS show got me thinking about this. I loved INXS when I was a young teen, unfortunately I think their singer made them who they are. Their reality show was something good to watch in the summer, it was my only show. Now that there are only 4 singers left, its painfully apparent that a real rock star can never be found in this manner. None of the 4 have a real swagger, a real presence like Michael Hutchence. I still watch, but it is way too "feel good" to be called reality TV. Reality would never be so nice. Personally I will watch Survivor over Friends, but no TV & real friends & drinks outside on the deck is my first choice. Real reality is still the most interesting of all.

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