Monday, March 29, 2010

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Cutest thing around town!!

My Ramsay at a Leader day for us breastfeeding helping ladies. He plays well with others!
With each baby I have a different physique and different figure flaws. In fact, my body looks worse each time, but...I have a better body image each time. I want to be awesomely fit and I try whenever I can to exercise, but its harder each time & I have to do more each time. You would think with constantly breastfeeding and babywearing that it would fly off, but I still manage to hold onto that last 15 lbs. The funny thing is I really don't care much, I care less each time. I am so glad they are here and healthy that being bigger than normal is not a big deal. As we go into swimsuit season I will keep telling myself that ;)
Great article in the Toronto Sun today about "minor" surgery & its complications!

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