Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Camp David

My friendly neighbor and I have joined forces in these summer days and our 2 kids are enjoying their home-made and free summer camp, named after the Camp Owner, her teenage son David. The kids have had a very popular iced tea stand to make money for their punk rock band. Today they made tiny food out of Play doh. They also have a scooter circuit through the neighborhood. I am going to miss these days in the fall!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I paid a fortune to highlight my hair today and I don't even know why I did it now. It sucked sitting in the chair not being able to see anyone. I don't like getting my hair washed and I think it looks too bold. I was told that young people choose chunky highlights and older people get subtle, so I went with a little of both. I was trying to do something for myself, I think I'd rather have gotten another tattoo, lasts longer, its cheaper & less painful!
I can't stop thinking about this family http://hannahandlily.blogspot.com/ who just lost their beautiful 6 year old daughter. If anyone reading this could just keep them in your prayers. There is nothing harder than losing a child.

Summer is such a weird time, it can be the most fun, most free time of year. It has some of the best memories for me of any season. Yet, losing my son in the beginning of the summer 5 years ago changed the whole atmosphere for me. I can still feel the sinister side of the warmth. It seems like the worst accidents happen in the summer.

I am hoping for as much peace as possible for these people. I found every picture of this little Hannah to be inspiring, she looks like a girl who had a wonderful life.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Saturday, July 21, 2007

A boy & his uncle
Dressed up for battle
working a machine

Another high energy week. Off we went to Pa to see Cool Uncle Mike, we explored his cool town and had dinner in his cool pad, on the roof. In between we went to an awesome children's museum & saw some beautiful farmland. The week flew by in a blur after that sweet start: I had my breastfeeding group, a great meeting with an amazing and informed large group of mamas. Then, 2 birthday parties in a row at the same house. Hanging out with friends and taking long walks in the morning, just bambino and me. Now today, 3 of us have been sick with fevers, but we are improving, ready to face another week of summertime.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Messing around with close-ups on one very hot evening.

Monday, July 09, 2007


My 7 year old reminds me of myself at 7. He is free to roam around and play outside. I was let loose on our compound in Saudi Arabia.

I would knock on the doors of all of my friends and sometimes they would play--but most of my memories are of me exploring by myself in the 120+ degree heat of the day. He does a circuit of our neighborhood each day trying to get somebody to come out and play.

My son rides his scooter, I rode my bike. He never takes it personally when kids don't come out, he keeps on cruising. I remember being told my friends were grounded by their parents & I just kept on rolling.

It probably seems weird in this day and age to let your child out by himself, but our neighborhood is filled with kids and is pretty quiet and calm. I think playing outside without me is important for him. My son and I are both the oldest kid and both of us lost a sibling when we were almost 3.

My parents were the opposite of overprotective of me and I'm the same way with him. I love seeing him out trying to find fun by himself.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

A little one on one time with baby in the middle of an otherwise hectic play date at the "bald eagle place."

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Its been a head spinning week. Oldest boy had magic & clown camp and we all went to the magic showand Creature-no-more had so much fun with a balloon hat and getting his face painted. The teachers did some amazing tricks. The next day was one of my best friends 40th birthday party, it was off-the-hookness! Everyone had a great time and the crowd was filled with interesting people & great conversations, all that I wish for at a party. Then, it was the Folklife festival in DC on Sunday & a playdate in the "bald eagle place" on Monday. Yesterday we tried to rest & today its a party with all of our favorite neighbors for the 4th of course.

Enough about us, I noticed something weird at clown camp. There was a little girl, probably 8 or 9, and she had a shirt on that said, "I might like you better if you shut up once in awhile." (Now, when I first saw her I was hoping it didn't say, "I might like you better if we slept together", like the 80`s song, but you never know in this world of Bratz dolls) So, anyway, I thought her shirt was rude & the girl herself was very rude, constantly grabbing magic tricks and crashing into people. After the 3rd time this child crashed into me I grabbed her gently & told her to stop crashing into people. She looked surprised. I love kids and I'm not blaming the child, but why would somebody raise a rude kid & be proud? The mom just let her wreak havoc & this child really stood out, there were more than 70 kids but only one that was totally unaware that she was not the only one there & you couldn't miss her.

Monday, July 02, 2007

About Me

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I'm just a mom in the world. A crunchy Catholic mama of 6 trying to make sense of it all and stay positive. 5 boys here & 1 in heaven. One awesome man who I get to grow old with. I help new moms breastfeed. I`m happy. I don`t go to shows or dance clubs every night but I would if I could. Where`s the nanny? When I see her she`s SO fired! One of my boys is super sweet and sensitive, another one is a holy terror. I learn a ton from all of them daily. Like Nigella says, as any parent of small children knows,there comes a point in the day where you can`t go any further without a drink! I love cocktail hour. I`d like nothing more than to be with my family and some good friends surrounded by tropical plants drinking a margarita listening to the Eagles. I don`t care about trendy, I like that grungy 70`s vibe.