Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Its been a head spinning week. Oldest boy had magic & clown camp and we all went to the magic showand Creature-no-more had so much fun with a balloon hat and getting his face painted. The teachers did some amazing tricks. The next day was one of my best friends 40th birthday party, it was off-the-hookness! Everyone had a great time and the crowd was filled with interesting people & great conversations, all that I wish for at a party. Then, it was the Folklife festival in DC on Sunday & a playdate in the "bald eagle place" on Monday. Yesterday we tried to rest & today its a party with all of our favorite neighbors for the 4th of course.

Enough about us, I noticed something weird at clown camp. There was a little girl, probably 8 or 9, and she had a shirt on that said, "I might like you better if you shut up once in awhile." (Now, when I first saw her I was hoping it didn't say, "I might like you better if we slept together", like the 80`s song, but you never know in this world of Bratz dolls) So, anyway, I thought her shirt was rude & the girl herself was very rude, constantly grabbing magic tricks and crashing into people. After the 3rd time this child crashed into me I grabbed her gently & told her to stop crashing into people. She looked surprised. I love kids and I'm not blaming the child, but why would somebody raise a rude kid & be proud? The mom just let her wreak havoc & this child really stood out, there were more than 70 kids but only one that was totally unaware that she was not the only one there & you couldn't miss her.

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milkyknitter said...

Liam was nursing while i was checking your blog and he looked up and started laughing at the top picture of your little boy with the clown face and balloon on his head. He really liked that picture :)

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