Tuesday, February 27, 2007

What a weekend! Creature had to bring home a bear from school and I had to write all of the things the bear did down in a notebook that was already filled with the other kids adventures. The other kids did great stuff like go out to eat, go to museums, and have dinner parties. Our weekend with the bear, Honey, was kind of rough. Creature didn't really care too much about him at first. No cocktail hour on Friday, too strenuous with husband working nights, so the other preschool mamas won't know about our social life, oh well...Then, Saturday night I caught the freaking rotavirus from visiting my Granny the week before. Teeny and I spent the night on the bathroom floor together so I could feed him between my visits to hell. Luckily, it was at my parents house, so the 2 older boys were well taken care of.

Things are looking up. Teeny is mobile now and only the adults got sick this time. Slowly we are feeling better.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


One of the best ways to be happy staying at home is to live in the present. As much as I appreciate this opportunity to be with my kids, it is scary for me to think about how behind I am in terms of working again one day. I haven't made any effort to keep up with my field at all, in fact I want a whole new whole career. But most of the time, I really don't care, I stay in the present moment, I enjoy what I can and struggle through the hard parts, trying not to lose my mind. Today had been horrible, one tantrum after another from the Creature, nothing going my way. Now he's in preschool,(on his first field trip even!) and Teeny is asleep and I have a few minutes to myself. The whole day is not ruined, this moment is fine and I have no complaints.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

I will chill out on the babywearing pics, I swear. But in the meantime...I got an Ergo today!! Teeny is asleep in it with the sleeping hood up, it really is all that its rumored to be. So c0mfy for me & baby.

And for fun, Creature got to ride around in the mei tai.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Icy/Snowy days, home from school. It started out fun, it got ugly. Dirt was liberated from plants in the living room so the Creature's tiny green toy iguana could have a "dirt house". To finally get out we braved the ice to eat Thai food and not one but 2 glasses of water and the flower vase were spilled. I try to stay ahead of the boyz with my domesticated cleaning self, but its so pointless. How can I be upset when the Creature gives me his best cheesy smile during breakfast & my Schoolboy is so sweet to little Teeny.

Not cute...http://www.people.com/people/gallery/0,,20011773,00.html

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

My boyfriend Don Henley :) getting a kiss from Sting at the Grammy's.

Monday, February 12, 2007


So last night, my dear husband fell asleep minutes after we started watching the Woody Allen movie Scoop, which I was happy to miss because I'm not a fan of ancient pedophiles.

The Grammys were on, and I switched to them instead. I enjoyed every performance so much! I loved Mary J Blige, I loved Aguliera, I loved Shakira. Even songs I don`t like sounded so good, I'm easy to please though, at this point in my life I just would love to go out and hear live music. I thought young Chris Brown was so over the top and so filled with off the hook-ness, he left every single person there with a smile on their face, pure fun. He is from VA and I could tell even though I had never heard of him before, he reminded me of the step dancers in Richmond, where I went to college. Here he is: http://www.chrisbrownweb.com/

Monday, February 05, 2007

This was a challenging weekend that made me want to pull my hair out at many different moments, but then, putting baby on is so relaxing...
For a month I researched every kind of mei tai & then I finally got this beautiful one from Dreamcarriers.com & I love it.

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