Wednesday, September 26, 2007


at his school, where he is always a little angel...

OK, I am trying here. I don't know if I'm feeling it today. I did think of one thing earlier today, I'm definitely glad to be in area that is so diverse, with so many friendly people from all over the world. I was out walking with the Creature in the jogger and little Joaqueeny strapped on & an Indian woman stopped me so she could look at the sleeping baby. She talked to me for a little while about enjoying the kids and appreciating them-because the time flies by. She has 2 grandchildren and is really enjoying that part of her life. I needed to hear that today because my 4 year old is anything but enjoyable these past 2 days. He's a challenge, a child that maybe Brangelina might like to adopt? :). That's how I felt yesterday. Everything I do, he fights me. He wants to hit people bigger than him, he makes devilish faces as he thinks of new mischief. I am going away for 2 days to see my cousin's precious little girl. I am thankful for that. I am only bringing my nursling. My Creature can be so loving, but I hope my little break will give me renewed energy to work with his relentless energy.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Here's something that bugs me, although I'm trying to stay thankful & positive these days: I am so over ostentatious & big houses. I think obnoxiously broadcasting wealth & putting priorities on stuff is just weird. On TV I'm sick of it; "The Girls Next Door", "Cribs" "Run's House" & all the other shows that emphasize stuff, money, cars, fabulousness, who cares? Starter castles everywhere in the suburbs with no trees around them, just house, no greenery. If I could have a house of my dreams it would probably look like a Hobbit house, one big round space with an upstairs loft built into a hillside. Like this:

Thankful 30, hmmm, let's think

Today I am thankful that my neighbors dog came home. My neighbors are from Russia (Belarus actually) and they are the nicest people. They have a college sorority daughter and a wild haired 13 year old son. Their boy had wanted a dog his whole life. They researched dogs for a long long time and finally all agreed upon a miniature schnauzer. Probably not my first choice, but you have never seen a family so in love with their puppy, when he arrived last November. They named him Gorsha and he is lovingly walked many times a day by the dad, the mom, the son & the grandmother. Grandma doesn't live there, but comes over just to walk Gorsha. Needless to say, the dog is a part of the family & in a cool way has brought this family closer as their son leaves childhood mostly behind.

So... it was a horrible moment last week when I looked out the window and saw the little guy fleeing his fenced in yard. I thought he was on the leash at first, then I realized he was going way too fast to be with anyone. I went out on my deck and Grandma was on her deck, almost hysterical, she was terrified she would never find him again. The dad came straight home from work and they took off in the car, looking all through the neighborhood. I drove around looking for him too. Amazingly, little Gorsha found his way back home and there was peace in the kingdom that night. He had dug a hole under the fence a la the "Poky Little Puppy". Now when I walk past the house, his bark sounds a lot less annoying.

Monday, September 24, 2007

They all look like babies when they're sleeping.

it was actually dark in each room, my flash is bright!

Thankful for 30

OK, I'm feeling inspired by my friendly neighbor's blog. She is writing everyday about something she is thankful for. I will try to do it too. It will help me to stay positive in my frantic suburban spin cycle, I hope.

This morning I am thankful that my brother, who just moved back here from Montana, got a job. Not any job, but the job he was most excited about, being a Mac Genius for Apple. I am thrilled for him and I'm sure he will like it and excel at it. We drank champagne with him on Labor day weekend when he got the call for a second interview and now we need to celebrate because he's hired. Good luck on your first day of work, Pablo!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Getting carded!

I got carded yesterday when I went into Trader Joes to get a six pack and some stuff to bring to dinner at my girlfriend's house. The cashier was pretty adamant that I show some ID. This wasn't the first time, it seems lately they are more intense about carding folks, but this was weird b/c she wouldn't let it go. I had only my debit card, the fambly was in the car, I got dropped off. She just stood there and stared at me when I said my ID was in the car. She's like," I'm sorry, no beer!" I was like, "I'm loving that you think I'm 20 or younger, but I have wrinkles and grey hair!" She stares at me and says "no, I don't see them." I said, "I am 35!" She still wouldn't let me buy beer. I said "ask me something about the 70`s?" She finally said, "Fine, here you go, Oh & I do see your wrinkles now"
"oh, great , thanks, bye.."

I haven't had too much to say or too many pics to post because I am so busy in my domestic suburban world here. Back and forth to private school, preschool, activities and the rest. I have encountered some unbelievable rudeness among the Catholic school moms, but I have also met some amazing women and men there too. I have been keeping up with all the fundraisers, picture days, school picnics & back to school nights. When i think about starting this blog 2 years ago, a lot has changed. I am a lot more organized, generally more positive & through some of the toughest toddler years ever. I still have more to look forward to.

But enough about me, my super awesome cousin Tracy & her husband Joe had their first child last night, little Sadie Anne. I am so happy for them, I can't wait to meet this new litle girl. the world is already altered because a new person is here, its so amazing to me every time.

Monday, September 17, 2007


I have wanted bamboo floors since I first heard they were making floors out of bamboo. Finally we got them put in & I am so house proud for the first time. I have always been happy to have a home, even one with all original everything, but bit by bit we are trying to improve. I am excited about having a clean new looking house, but scared this floor will get destroyed by BOYS.

The morning of the install, Friday, the bamboo had been acclimatizing to our house, here it sits behind the Creature & my Friendly Neighbor's adorable daughter.
Sunday afternoon.
The kitchen, still in progress, paint & shades to come...
Brotherly love with bamboo background.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A steamy day at a winery. It was too hazy to really enjoy the view, but the wine was good and the boys had fun.

This is how I found the boy Creature on Saturday morning, yelling "Pull me!"
The moonflowers that took 4 months to bloom!

Dude, try cleaning the factory & then you won't have to mention so much stuff on the label, nasty!

Sunday, September 09, 2007

For my sanity, I really need to be in bed right now. I had to watch the Video Music Awards though, Britney's comeback is like, boring. Then I saw the ultimate performer, Chris Brown. It is impossible not to smile when this guy (he's a baby, like 18 or something crazy) dances. He is ridiculous! The poser punk rockers of this generation weren't smiling, but just about everybody else in the place was on their feet, loving him when he was done. Tomorrow I will put the video up, he is pure joy to see. Chris Brown, I left my cozy room just to blog about you!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Scenes of a baby around a really old and very interesting house in Norfolk

Labor Day

Meerkat at the zoo

uld you put on my sunscreen mama?
Party on the pier
Adorable baby kitty

The man of the house had to work and the kidz and I went to visit family in Norfolk/Va Beach. More beach time and some fabulous outdoor meals were had. The second night we had a crab feast and cocktail hour on a pier across the street from my cousin's house. The family that lives in the house with the pier were such neat people, a retired pilot, his artist wife & 3 grown girls. They had adorable teeny tiny kittens that the boys fell in love with. We also went to the zoo, which was walking distance. It was a great weekend, what was best about was that I am trying hard to be better as a mother, to devote equal time to the offspring and to stay positive with them. There were stressful moments but I kept my cool and for the first time in the year since I've had 3, I feel like its getting almost easy.

Now that I've said that, watch all hell break loose!

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