Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Thankful 30, hmmm, let's think

Today I am thankful that my neighbors dog came home. My neighbors are from Russia (Belarus actually) and they are the nicest people. They have a college sorority daughter and a wild haired 13 year old son. Their boy had wanted a dog his whole life. They researched dogs for a long long time and finally all agreed upon a miniature schnauzer. Probably not my first choice, but you have never seen a family so in love with their puppy, when he arrived last November. They named him Gorsha and he is lovingly walked many times a day by the dad, the mom, the son & the grandmother. Grandma doesn't live there, but comes over just to walk Gorsha. Needless to say, the dog is a part of the family & in a cool way has brought this family closer as their son leaves childhood mostly behind.

So... it was a horrible moment last week when I looked out the window and saw the little guy fleeing his fenced in yard. I thought he was on the leash at first, then I realized he was going way too fast to be with anyone. I went out on my deck and Grandma was on her deck, almost hysterical, she was terrified she would never find him again. The dad came straight home from work and they took off in the car, looking all through the neighborhood. I drove around looking for him too. Amazingly, little Gorsha found his way back home and there was peace in the kingdom that night. He had dug a hole under the fence a la the "Poky Little Puppy". Now when I walk past the house, his bark sounds a lot less annoying.

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