Thursday, September 20, 2007

Getting carded!

I got carded yesterday when I went into Trader Joes to get a six pack and some stuff to bring to dinner at my girlfriend's house. The cashier was pretty adamant that I show some ID. This wasn't the first time, it seems lately they are more intense about carding folks, but this was weird b/c she wouldn't let it go. I had only my debit card, the fambly was in the car, I got dropped off. She just stood there and stared at me when I said my ID was in the car. She's like," I'm sorry, no beer!" I was like, "I'm loving that you think I'm 20 or younger, but I have wrinkles and grey hair!" She stares at me and says "no, I don't see them." I said, "I am 35!" She still wouldn't let me buy beer. I said "ask me something about the 70`s?" She finally said, "Fine, here you go, Oh & I do see your wrinkles now"
"oh, great , thanks, bye.."

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Anne S said...

That's hilarious.

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