Tuesday, January 10, 2012

"Trust Birth". Here's how I feel about that BS: Would we tell someone who has miscarriages that she should "trust pregnancy?" Stuff happens in birth, sometimes bad outcomes that are noone's fault. It just is unrealistic to "trust birth." Educate yourself about birth, make the best choices you can & make sure you are repected in birth. A doula can help tremendously & so can a very intense NCB class, but trusting birth leads to lots of women feeling like crap when their plans go awry.

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I'm just a mom in the world. A crunchy Catholic mama of 6 trying to make sense of it all and stay positive. 5 boys here & 1 in heaven. One awesome man who I get to grow old with. I help new moms breastfeed. I`m happy. I don`t go to shows or dance clubs every night but I would if I could. Where`s the nanny? When I see her she`s SO fired! One of my boys is super sweet and sensitive, another one is a holy terror. I learn a ton from all of them daily. Like Nigella says, as any parent of small children knows,there comes a point in the day where you can`t go any further without a drink! I love cocktail hour. I`d like nothing more than to be with my family and some good friends surrounded by tropical plants drinking a margarita listening to the Eagles. I don`t care about trendy, I like that grungy 70`s vibe.