Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Back in April, things were busy, very busy, but OK. We were at birthday parties every weekend, Joaqueeny was playing soccer, my oldest played an instrument, basketball & did Cub Scouts. The Creature was making it through Kindergarten, pt 2. The little guy was growing fast & cute & darling husband and I were healthy & happy.

Then, the night before the littlest guy's birthday party, Joaqueeny breaks his arm. It was a simple break that healed well & he has only good memories of the experience, but it was no fun to be back in the ER again. The birthday party was pretty spectacular, great food & drink, a moonbounce, a magician. It was a little too good though, neighbor kids were running in & out whenever they wanted & causing mayhem with nobody watching them, adult neighbors were starting fights with party guests, it all went downhill from there. In the future, back to basics, small & meaningful parties, with people that care.

In May, my oldest boy got diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. He was so unbelievably sick the week before he was diagnosed that I was terrified it could be something much worse than type 1. When we told him what he had, we wanted to do it right, we wanted to present it in a way where he would be as OK with it as he could be. He was not only OK then, thanks to an amazing hospital team & an awesome endocrinologist team, he has been completely OK ever since. He has such a great attitude that its contagious,he does all of his shots & glucose checks. He can go anywhere & do anything, even without us, as long as he carries his kit that hooks onto his belt. I wish could have been 1/10th as awesome of a kid (when I was a kid!) as he is now.

At the end of that first week after his diagnosis, I learned I was expecting Number 6!
So, its been absolutely eventful & I haven't even mentioned all of the testing for school that we did for the Creature for this year (so far so good for him!) and the swim team that the oldest swam on all summer, every single day! I have a lot of challenges but still feel blessed to be here to face them & learn from my unique bunch of boys!

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