Friday, September 30, 2005

The Creature speaks! Actually he`s been saying stuff like "what's this mama?" and "I want that!" Today we were at Ross Dress for Less and a baby was crying in the back of the store. Young Creature looked at me and said , "What`s wrong with that baby, mama?" I didn`t even know he cared about anybody besides the Creature!

There are 3 things I had to do to make my days more positive. One is no watching E.R. The second is no internet debate sites and the third thing I forgot. Last night I broke rule #1 and watched E.R. Oh boy, it was awful. A baby was trying to come out footling breech and the mom was a homebirther who was a gestational surrogate for this baby. She totally refused a section and then the baby was born severely brain damaged. What the heck is wrong with me that I will sit and watch that? One of her doctors did act like a nut, but it was so sad and now its still on my mind. E.R. hates natural people and all of the natural birthing chicks on are going off on it today.

It`s Friday so that means...its neighborhood freak out cocktail hour in half an hour. I must primp and tidy & get some food ready.

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S. said...

Yes, ER is not a good thing. I still remember watching Maternity Ward (is that the name? reality show about HR pg. on discovery?) anyway, 26-weeker footling breach, stuck. It.was.awful. I wonder if I can even comment on a post this old?

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