Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Breast is best in a disaster

"In emergency relief operations, breastfeeding for infants should be protected, promoted and supported. Any donated supplies of breastmilk substitutes (or other products covered by the Code) may be given only under strict conditions (if infant has to be fed with breastmilk substitute); the supply is continued for as long as the infants concerned need it; and the supply is not used as a sales inducement." From LLL`s fact sheet on disasters, emergencies and breastfeeding

I am going to focus on this tonight at my meeting, the topic is advantages of breastfeeding. What better advantage is there than having the food to get your baby through a disaster, right on your body? Not just OK food, but food that is vastly superior and will help your baby avoid so many scary illnesses that lurk in crowded situations.

I am happy that I have my meeting figured out, now I can run around town and buy stuff for my 5 year old to bring to snack day & get myself some new makeup. Time to turn on the techno & motivate!

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