Monday, September 26, 2005

hoppin weekend

Its another super cloudy day, now finally raining. We had such a super time at the crab feast. Neighbors who like to socialize and are fun to be with, I am so happy about that! Karaoke was brought out & even my huzband sang. It was all fun & games until the 2 year old Creature attacked every older kid and smacked all of them in the face. The Creature had to be removed and forced to sit with his mom for awhile. A certain Frenchwoman got very loud and crazy and it was a good time in the suburbs for all.
Sunday it was a ridiculously crowded church experience followed by a 2 year old cousins birthday party with a bunch of my moms family there. Then it was off to the huzband`s coworkers house for dinner and it was a feast. Cocktail hour on their deck first and then a festival of flavor. I had to do a little breastfeeding-a-toddler public service announcement, ha ha , but it was fun and the boyz were asleep before we got home so no bedtime drama. Thumbs up for this weekend.


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