Monday, October 29, 2007

Our old neighbors have an annual Halloween bash that is totally geared for the 12 and under set. They do an unbelievable job with food, gross out games & scary games. Grown ups have fun too! Little children are encouraged to sing karaoke. Even though my boys haven't seen the Spiderman movie, they feel in love with their costumes at Target. 2 observations: all little girls dressed like princesses or queens. I'll have to see if thats also the case on real Halloween. Also, I think Hugh Hefner has taken over this holiday, because the only costumes for adult women resemble the cheesiest "ho-wear" I've seen. It was sad watching these poor teenage girls at the costume shop try to decide which raunchy outfit they might feel OK wearing. My kids wanted us to dress up, so we went all peasanty, from the princessy era. I think the box said "tavern wench" on mine.:)


Elizabeth said...

Last year I was appalled by the number of princesses we saw among the young girls, and by how skanky the teenage girls' costumes seemed. Maybe I was just paying more attention because I was expecting a girl (who is going as a monkey this year). The party sounds fantastic!

brunie said...

Dear Claire:
You guys look terrific. All you need is a big mug of beer in your hand. Let me know if you want a part time job at Gadsby's Tavern in Old Town:).
I agree with you on the poor taste for girl's costumes. Luna is going to be a Fairy (old fashioned one) No fishnet tights..just wings and a wand! Love, B

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