Friday, October 05, 2007

I had the radio on this morning and as I switched stations I heard a DJ talking about how he was totally NOT OK with women breastfeeding in public. It made him mad that mothers were demanding the right to nurse in public. Of course this was the station that is proud of their website with tons of photos of "hot chicks". That's the kind of weird dichotomy that makes America so weird! Why can't a grown man see a woman nursing and then just look away? What's even crazier are women who are offended by breastfeeding. I honestly don't get it. When I'm out in public I see lots of things that bother me, some things bother me for a long time, like a child getting hit or yelled at. But nursing? Somebody would have to really be reaching for something to get upset about for something so normal/quiet/healthy/adorable to bother them.

I wouldn't even talk about it here, beacause its such a no brainer to accept nursing in public, but there are still people like this DJ who just don't get it. So... since we suck at making women feel secure nursing in public, I'll share 2 kick ass Australian ads that really make it clear how weird we are in the U.S.

thanks to Elizabeth for the eating in the bathroom ad!


Anonymous said...

Hey - can I post this entry to the nova homebirth group? You are so awesome! And those ads are great! Tammi

Elizabeth said...

It's not just that the baby's talking that cracks me up, it's that he's talking with an Australian accent. And yes, I know it's Australian and so that only makes sense, but still. Funny.

Sounds like that radio station needs a nurse-in.

clara said...

I'm cool with that Tammi :)

Elizabeth, the Aussie baby is hysterical! my 4 year old laughs his butt off.

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