Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Getting stuff done the old fashioned way since 2000.

Today I went to the post office to mail a package to my beloved cousin and I had 2 boys in school and my littlest guy on my hip in a sling. The lady at the counter said, "Oh, I see more ladies carrying their baby that way these days!" Then she turned to the guy next to her and said, "That's that new stuff." We were all joking around for a minute and then I said, " Actually , its that really old stuff." She was like, " Oh yeah, in Africa women do carry their babies all day and they really don't cry."

I was always fascinated by babywearing. My friendly neighbor calls it "my passion and my fashion." I did it long before I knew what the hell I was doing. My slings were all twisty and crazy, but I was trekking without any encumbrances. I was free and my baby was free to be, with me. With older kids, I have to have my hands free & I have to be able to respond quickly to the baby. The closeness is the design for human babies, born helpless and missing the womb. When My first boy was a baby the Sacajawea dollar came out and here was my ideal woman on a coin for the world to admire. Beautiful and peaceful, the baby and the mama. An adorable little face sleeping on his moms shoulder, while she did work! That Native ideal and African and Asian mamas inspired me. I never miss a chance to wear the baby, I love the feeling of closeness, I love how settled and content it makes the little ones and I love the extra exercise I get. I do get some crazy looks, especially as this guy is nearing 30 lbs, but I don't care. Its worth it.


Elizabeth said...

I don't know how people who don't use carriers survive. Strollers are such a hassle, and being held close so much keeps babies so calm.

Right now my new carrier love is the Beco. I used to wear the baby around the house all the time, and then she got big and mobile and I stopped. But the past few weeks, I've been putting her on my back while I get dinner ready, and we both enjoy it. I just couldn't get comfy with a back carry in a meitai, but the Beco somehow works for me.

clara said...

Beco's are awesome and stylish! Back carries are really the best way to get things done like cooking. I am loving the didymos, but am not a huge fan of ergo or mei tais on the back. Both are very unflattering to the general tummy area

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