Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Plans have changed...

Look at this drawing, amnios are creepy! This baby is much smaller, this drawing is like a 15 weeker, just your basic genetic testing amnio. I had to have one to see if Teeny`s lungs are mature enough to be born tomorrow, the scheduled day.

Because I have an antibody (a low level of anti-d) the baby could get anemic and usually in this case would come out as soon as possible, which would be 37 weeks, or at the early edge of full term. So... I wasn`t sure about doing this, I felt like maybe little boy #4 didn`t want to be forced out early, yet I could see the logic of getting him out before the antibody "sees" him. To come out early, it is required by American College of OB/GYN to do a lung maturity amnio. I had one with Chunky # 3 for this reason & it wasn't a huge deal.

We agreed to go on with the fun amnio. As soon as the doctor put the needle in, just to the edge of the uterus, not even in the amniotic fluid sac at all, I had a huge contraction that was ridiculously painful. Then, little Joaquin went bananas and smacked his hand right where she was hoping to get the needle in. After trying again to advance the needle, and Teeny again going crazy, she had to end the amnio. I think it happened like twice but it felt like she was in there for half an hour. Ditching this hellish amnio was great for 2 reasons, a. she never burst the private bubble, so I didn`t have all the worries that go with that,like it can raise my antibody level, it can cause infection etc. and b. I felt like my baby took control in a way and wanted to be left alone. He proved his vigor by being so wild & they were pretty amazed with his strength.

The bummer of it all is that OUCH I was in so much pain yesterday & I have a new scheduled section date of August 25th. Damn it!


InABlogFog said...

Hey Claire! Sorry for the pain. You know it will be worth it. Tommy's b-day is the 30th...C-section....you bring back memories. Peace~Wendie~Eastern Carolina

InABlogFog said...

P.S.~Plans may change~AGAIN

Force of Hobbit said...

Hang in there friendly - you are cooking up one heck of a little boy in that belly. Only a few more days and he will be here for you to greet with all the love you and your family have in store!

clara said...

Thanks Ladies! I hope plans do change again, this is not fun & it seems relentless right now.

Wendie, good to hear from you!

Louisa said...

Hang in there Mama.
Sounds like your little man wants to make up his own mind :)

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