Saturday, August 26, 2006

Ok, Plans did change & Joaquin Xavier arrived on August 22!

He is here! It was a smooth C section and an excellent hospital stay where I actually roomed in for the first time. The nurses were awesome, my doctors were excellent, and Teeny slept in my bed with me the whole time, nursing like crazy. And the most amazing part... we left the hospital together!! It was the greatest surprise, my antibody left my little boy alone, and he looks very strong & healthy. His brothers are adjusting, but mostly they are very excited and affectionate. Here are some photos: Joaquin and I leaving the OR together, Joaquin and his godmother,Joaquin in the sunshine on my bed. The courtyard was right below us and a huge tree was next to the window, it was all so nice.


InABlogFog said...

Congratulations! He is beautiful & perfect! Ohhhhhh to nurse again.......UtOh.....:)))

Julie said...

What a gorgeous boy! I am so happy for you and your family and thrilled that the antibodies left him alone! Praying I have an outcome as awesome as yours...

Louisa said...

Man that baby is CUTE!
Hope you're healing nicely!
I assume you went into labor ahead of schedule? Why not the 26th?

clara said...

Thank you ladies!!

I`ve been laying down for days and just came back. The recovery is going well, but pain sucks!
Julie, I am hoping so much for a good outcome for you. The one thing that I think may have helped is I fed Joaquin colostrum every hour of his first night, the nurse thought I was a nut. I stayed awake and kept him at the breast b/c colostrum is such a good laxative & I hoped the more he pooped the less chance of jaundice. It seemed to work & the milk came in early and he pooped like crazy while in the hospital. He does have a little jaundice now, but not worth treating according to our family dr.

Thanks Louisa! He is a little dumpling. The dr`s office called with an earlier section date & I grabbed it. He had to come out at 38 weeks for the best chance with the antibody, and I did have mad prodromal labor the whole week before. So much that I made my dh read "Emergency Childbith, a manual" ha ha . I was glad it got moved up!

S. said...

Oh, he is gorgeous! I think I will always be sad I never got to take one of my babies home from the hospital with me when I left. so glad things went smoothly for you!

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