Monday, August 21, 2006

I cannot figure out how to post pictures anymore, I`m so unhappy about it. I love putting pictures here so much & it just won`t work, blogger will tell me the picture is here & then its not!

So, its 3:03 am and I can`t sleep. I had contractions about 5 minutes apart most of the day yesterday and then they left last night at 10. Now, its just too hard to sleep at night so I`ll just hang here for a minute & try again to sleep in a few.I may have to watch an episode of Miami Vice`s first season. ( the greatest birthday present!)

Yesterday I was folding laundry and watching beach volleyball b/c nothing else was on. I`m sorry if you`re a big fan or a player, but that has to be the most inane sport on earth. Except for maybe rhythmic gymnastics. The male players wear shorts that come to their knees, but the females have to wear a bikini that doesn`t have any support (luckily the players all have identical small chested physiques) and the bikini bottoms literally leave half of each butt cheek exposed. Its funny to me again how people are so freaky about nursing in public, but these ladies are playing a sport and jumping around on TV almost naked. Of course my dear huzband loved it. I thought the game itself was boring too though & then each coach sits down with each team all serious like its boxing & goes over strategy. Like anyone cares, its just an excuse to get hot mamas in bikinis on TV on Sunday afternoon. After a few seconds, I was bored, but it was entertaining to see all the ways the players tried to casually adjust their bikini bottoms. Also, since they had no other place to advertise, each girl had temporary tattoos that said stuff like Crocs & Gatorade. I don`t know what would bother me more, if I had to be on TV fighting a constant wedgie or have my super toned volleyball body covered in goofy brands like a human race car. It was weird.

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