Saturday, January 03, 2009

The rest of the story...

So, since I've been in a lazy state this whole Christmas vacation, it was a challenge for me to scramble around my house cleaning before the reporter got here. I had to primp (top priority!;), dry my hair properly, wipe little faces, get boys dressed, clean the floors, put away the toys that were stacked all over the living room table & feed everyone.

At the same time I had to find one or 2 friends who were still nursing little babies, not huge 2 yr olds like mine. I found one friend who said sure, she'd be right there & one who said Oh hell no! The one who said sure showed up with her 15 month old and then 5 minutes later the other one showed up too. I was so happy to see 2 of my favorite mamas and they helped with the last minute stuff. I asked my mom to come if she could, and she showed up 5 min before the news people did. I was happy to pull it all off without needing my mommy though!

At noon on the dot the reporter arrived with one cameraman. She was very cute and easy to talk to. They wouldn't take any drinks or coffee, they had a plan, they stuck to it & they got it all done in exactly an hour, like they promised. They asked us questions first, I went first & tried to remembber what my bro the TV star told me, to make it look like a conversation--be normal. I'm petrified of public speaking & the reporter told me she is too, but she said that the camera is different. I think its about the same.

We talked about how crazy it is to still be talking about breastfeeding publicly in this day and age. I remembered what I wanted to say & it was all taped in one shot. My friends really rocked it though, they turned the camera on & these girls had it all come out so smoothly, I was impressed! Then, they took shots of us, my 2 friends nursing, me on the computer (my mom thinks I spend too much time here as it is). We chatted a bunch and then they left. It came on at 5:15 and it was pretty well done. First of all, the photographer made my house look so awesome! It looked perfect in every shot & you would never know, unless you'd been here, that all 3 of us were in the same house. We didn't look too shabby either & they only used about a sentence from each of us, but they were the better comments we had, especially my 2 mama friends, they had the perfect quotes from them.

It was definitely a fun, out of the blue thing to do on New Years Eve. I welcome any opportunity to talk about breastfeeding, after doing it for 9 straight years with no plans of stopping anytime soon, I think the more its seen as normal, the better for everyone. Ladies can feel free to nurse anywhere,they can nurse longer, they can get better support from their families & they can get help if they need it. Its still a crazy country when it comes to breastfeeding in public, and on Facebook.

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Anne S said...

Good job!

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