Thursday, January 01, 2009

Nice end to a challenging year

Wow, life is so funny. I was in the hospital a week ago & then yesterday I was revelling in the feeling of feeling fine. I slept in and got ready to make the boys french toast. The husband was at work and the whole day was ahead of me & I didn't have any pressures at all.

Then, while I was talking to my mom on the phone, the other line buzzed in and I was talking to a reporter at Channel 7 news. She had found my name online because of my volunteer lactation consultant website & asked me how I felt about Facebook banning breastfeeding photos. Personally, I nurse fairly discreetly, but definitely openly--my kids won't tolerate their heads under a blanket---and some of those pics show some mad boobage. Still, breastfeeding is normal, and even if you do see a nipple, is it the end of the world? I also am not a fan of censorship in places where you ahve to choose to see stuff anyway--so the reporter was happy to talk to me. She wanted to do an awesomely pro-breastfeeding story on how its Nutz to care about breastfeeding pics on FB in this day and age. And how 80,000 people signed a petition to get FB to stop being butts about their pics and let them post whatever they want.

So. it was 10 am. I thought she wanted just to chat on the phone, but she said she and a cameraman were coming over to get some opinions on noon! more later....

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Hill Rat said...

More details please about what happened when the camera crew showed!

Like yourself, WifeRat nursed discreetly but openly and no one ever said a word IRL. So people getting their knickers in a twist on Facebook (a site built on college students talking about hooking up and posting pix of themselves doing beer bongs) about breastfeeding is more than a little bit nuts.

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