Friday, July 28, 2006

I had to steal this from the Post today because the reviewer, Stephen Hunter, really describes the utter awesomeness of the original stars of Miami Vice. I LOVE Miami Vice & I`m not that excited about the new movie. It seems like its an updated version of the most perfect show ever, but with some music from nowadays and not the fabulous Smugglers` Blues Glenn Frye & Don Henley type of stuff that I like so much.

"But the worst news about "Miami Vice" is that Colin Farrell and Jamie Foxx, replacing Don Johnson and Philip Michael Thomas in the key roles, don't hold a candle, a flashlight, a freakin' match to the original guys. Though they seem so two-decades-ago, Crockett in his pastels and sockless white loafers and Tubbs with his surly mumbling and ever-buttoned double-breasted jacket and tie -- no matter the weather or the incoming -- the boys were at once McQueen-chilled, hipster-chic and existential-exotic. They were uranium-depleted cool. Johnson's Crockett had a fallen Southern prince aspect to him as a former Florida wide receiver ruined by two years in Nam, a failed marriage, a weakness for women and booze, but underneath it: good-old-boy true grit. Tubbs, by contrast, was a black New Yorker with dead eyes and a drop-dead smile and a kind of musical sensibility. He represented the Afro-Caribbean presence that came to dominate Miami in the '80s and turn it into the American Casablanca. He could mix with the homeboys, the Haitians, the wraiths of color that brought their potions to a city on a bay that is never confused with Baltimore."


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clara said...

who gives a rat`s booty?

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