Monday, May 19, 2008

The last week has been a wild one. The gnarly picture you see below are the praying mantis eggs I hatched last Wednesday. These eggs sat quietly in my kitchen for 2 weeks, and then I came downstairs feeling the odd sensation of movement in the room, but not knowing where. I saw the wall absolutely covered with teeny mantis babies! At least 50 were on the wall, another 50 + on the floor and more babies were rapidly pouring out of the sides of the egg. Who knew my unruly Creature would be such a great mantis midwife? He safely carried every single mantis he saw on the floor outside while I worked the wall. Not even one leg was broken in the process and now all of them are happily growing and munching in the yard. I know they are insects but I am oddly attached to them, I'm hyped about my green gardening!

I cut my hair before the oldest childs First Communion and this is the only photo I have right now. The boys are all healthy and mostly happy(er) and its been a great May so far.


The Engine of the Family said...

Oh my gosh...I'm not a bug person AT ALL! I would have been freaking out...I think I missed a story somewhere...why were you hatching praying mantis?

clara said...

I hate bugs, especially spiders!!! But, praying mantises eat spiders and tons of other bugs so I bought 2 big eggs full of them for plenty of crunch and munch fun all summer long, ha ha,..

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