Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Things I hide

My friendly neighbor and I were out for a brisk walk earlier and I told her about things I hide at stores. She thinks I should openly share them on here, maybe I could create a small army of people who hide the same things, ha ha! She also said I have issues...
If I'm in Target or a Borders or something I will hide Jenny McCarthy's book about having babies. Its got to be the most asinine baby book out there. Just the back cover is disturbing enough. I feel for her as a mom of an autistic son and I think she's doing a fantastic job of being real about autism and promoting natural healing..but her baby book is disparaging of all that is normal and natural & it sux.

I will hide "On Becoming Babywise". It has led to several infant deaths from failure to thrive because of its ridiculously BAD breastfeeding info. It goes behind really boring books so new moms can't find it.

If I'm in the dollar store and I happen upon a selection of douches, I hide the hell out of them. Nobody should ever douche, pelvic inflammatory disease is a nightmare that is caused by douching, its right on the label. Self cleaning body parts should be left alone, so those gnarly things get hidden too.

Does this sound like I have issues or what? I'm just trying to keep the world a safe place for babies and women! :)


Julie said...

Not weird at all, Claire! I threw away my "What to expect when you're expecting" (that I read like a bible in my first pregnancy, before I turned to the dark side!) rather than pass it on to another mama. I love all the pics, by the way!

clara said...

Thanks Julie! Good to hear from you:)

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