Friday, November 16, 2007

Japan is not cool

I swear I think happy thoughts, but another negative post has to be made.

Japan put out an arrest warrant this week for this young actress from Heroes because she got in the water and went up to a boat that was killing dolphins. Japan swore that they don't hurt dolphins and that their fisheries are so economically important and they are pissed off that people bother them when they are working so hard fishing/wasting.

Then today they decide its time to go back out and kill whales again. I hate what Japan does. They go out and kill hundreds of whales for "scientific" reasons and then they sell the whale meat & make a huge profit. Whales are so amazing to me, so awe inspiring to see, the biggest creatures on the planet are also the most graceful. Japan is going to kill 900+ Minke whales & more than 50 humpbacks. And nobody can stop them, they just violate the protection orders. And when they go up against the International Whaling Commission they ask a bunch of poor & land locked nations to agree with then that whaling is awesome. This quote from the whaling chief, Mr Moronuki blows me away: "Killing whales allows marine biologists to study their internal organs. Ovaries provide vital clues to reproductive systems, earwax indicates age, and stomach contents reveal eating habits, he said. Uh, Mr.Wizard, the insides of whales have already been studied, and it only takes 1 whale, not 1000. And why do we need to kill whales and study them anyway? They are in their world & we are in ours. Just leave them alone.

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