Thursday, March 01, 2007


The very first glimpse of little Joaquin as he was born, via belly. I forgot to put this picture up back in August and now I'm celebrating that this little guy is 6 months already. What's a nice surgery photo among friends?
Its weird how little it bothers me that I have to have major surgery for birth. I came from the natural childbirth world where a c section is simply a failure to so many women. Honestly, when I lost my son and almost lost my own life from the trauma, it was when I truly became a real grown up. I was kind of spoiled and bossy before that. Having the opportunity to have more children is a huge gift I'll never take for granted. I'll take them no matter how they get out.
I believed in all the natural birth stuff so much, I still do, just not for me.

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S. said...

Beautiful pic!
I am so sorry for the loss of your son. I am also a big believer in natural birth...but L. wouldn't be here if not for the c-section, and if we were to get pg. again (please no!), as much of a proponent as I am of women having the option to try for VBAC, I would thank my lucky stars to get to term and have a scheduled repeat section.

Anyway, your baby is gorgeous--thanks for the pic, I am pretty much a birth junkie!

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