Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Grateful for even the down & up days

My nightgown was covered in baby poop down the front, upchucked milk soaked the back & I wasn`t even out of bed yet this morning. Then I see myself in the mirror, I have blood red eyes from a raging sinus infection. When I finally get it together to go to the doctor, the van`s battery was dead. After a jump start I get there and wait forever, I lay fully down and shut my eyes on the exam table with the baby strapped on and my 3 year old sitting sweetly beside me ( for once!!)I get my prescription, lunch, deal with a massive tantrum and then at 3 pm I am again graced with baby poop on one side, vomit on the other.
But ...I got my first authentic smiles from my littlest boy!

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