Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Grateful Wednesday

1. I`m grateful that both my mom & brother got new jobs that they both wanted very much. I am very grateful that my brother will be moving closer so we will get to see him more often, Cool Uncle Mike.

2. I`m grateful to my husband for being there for me as I came home stressed from my doctor`s appointment. She doesn`t have any faith (in me, in things going well) and he pointed that out and now I need a new doctor.

3. I`m grateful to read this on another blog & it really sums up how I feel right now about being a stay at home mama, its hard, working is hard & being at home is hard, its just hard either way.: "Now I stay home and am experiencing the wrath of the full time toddler. It is a bittersweet roller coaster of preciousness and exhaustion. I love it and sometimes fear it. I get to see my children when they get home from school. We spend the afternoons together and I never have to wince when I hear my cell phone ring, for fear an irate client is calling."

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Force of Hobbit said...

Claire - You have beautiful children, a very loving and understanding (and handsome) husband, a great family - all things to be cherished each and every day. You and I have such diverse opinions on things, yet I feel at times we are Kindred Spirits. I am grateful to have met you.

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