Friday, November 04, 2005

Yay! Friday.

Yes, life has improved. Now nobody is sick and its a beautiful day. I spent my kindergarten morning time shopping with the Creature. I went to Old Navy, as usual I found it to be a diappointing and bland place. Why do I bother? Oh because I must have seen the commercial for "boy cut" jeans over 600 times last night as I watched that damn ER again. Anyway, the jeans are the biggest waste of denim, they are $10 more than the price the TV said and they are not cut for boys unless the boy is a plumber who really lives up to the plumber stereotype. Everything looks messy in Old Navy, all of it looks like crappy versions of something nicer you`ve seen somewhere else.And nobody helps you. OK, enough ranting about that store. Back to the good things,
like our neighborhood cocktail hour! I must clean and get ready for socializing and kids all over the place. Secret photos of the friendly neighbors later...

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Force of Hobbit said...

yo clara - who wants boy cut jeans anyway? they are made for people with not hips or thighs - only gringos...yes, i am in san antonio drinkin the haterade about boy cut jeans. You would not see any person of ethnicity with those things on!!!! So stay away from the boy cut jeans. they are for boney, no-shaped, flat-butts people. boooyah!

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