Tuesday, October 11, 2005

AAP, you are stupid.

The American Academy of Pediatricans just sent out their newest statement on SIDS. It is so ridiculous because it totally opposes their most recent breastfeeding statement.

For thousands of years humans have slept with their babies, nursing throughout the night. There have been studies done with rats that show that baby rats will die when separated from their mother. ALL MAMMALS breastfeed their babies and stay close day and night, yet the AAP has decided to put a ban on cosleeping, saying if it stopped, fewer babies would die of SIDS.

It points out that a baby should be in their own crib with a pacifier because so many babies were found not breathing after falling between the bed and the wall, having a bigger sibling roll over on top of them, and other horrifying and unsafe sleeping situations. None of this is SIDS though, its suffocation! SIDS is when you have no obvious reason why a baby died. Safe cosleeping is the easiest and safest way for a mom to avoid sleep deprivation, establish a good supply, and keep her fertility away. Also, breastfeeding is a huge risk reducer for SIDS, yet it is totally undermined by recommending pacifiers. This is just crazy talk. A baby who sleeps safely next to mom hears her breathing and the two of them go through the same sleep cycles, which helps the baby remember to breathe. The baby product industry and the pediatricians love each other too much.

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