Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday the 13th

It wasn't terribly bad or scary, I'm just a nervous pregnant nellie. I have a blood incompatibility with my babies, which I've written about before & its part of why I have to have a c section. My numbers have stayed very low, but they are shifting around a little up, down, up, and that is starting to stress me out a bit. I am trying to go deep and focus on the little tough guy in there getting through this OK. I'm in good hands, the OB's are all pretty smart about my issue, but its not my favorite thing to worry about. Feel free to send "low titer" thoughts & prayers my way, :) Thanks!


Erin said...

Thinking of you :) Are they going to do your c-section early this time or are you taking a wait and see approach?

clara said...

Thanks buddy! You know what its like!
So far, we are aiming for 39 weeks for the first time! We will probably do NST's at 37 weeks, God willing, and see how he looks.

Erin said...

That is good! I hope that your c-section goes as smoothly as your one with (not so!) Teeny. Didn't you end up going into labor right before you were scheduled?

sarah said...

Hang in there. You are a super trooper, not to mention how hot you look in those wedding photos. let's chat it up soon.


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