Monday, April 30, 2007

the most darling ghosts

Sometimes I'll meet someone for the first time and they will see my 3 boys and say something like , "3 boys? I thought you had 4 for some reason." Its weird because if I just met them I haven' t told them about Alistair yet. They would have no way of knowing I do have another one, in heaven. Its like he makes his presence known in a subtle way, still.

On Saturday we went to a birthday party for a neighbor's little girl. There was a mama there with a 10 year old and 2 2year old twins. I asked her if she had other kids, she said no. I really felt like she had 2 other kids. When she first walked up to me I saw her as a mom to more kids, I pictured 5 kids, but I just brushed it off when she said she had 3. Then, later I was talking to my neighbor and she told me that the woman I had met at the party had lost a set of twins right before getting pregnant again with twins. I knew there were more kids, and I finally can see what others might see when they meet me.

I love things like this because it gives me hope that there is more than this life, that we don't just end when we die.

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S. said...

Wow, that is amazing!

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