Tuesday, September 19, 2006


  • asinine article about cows milk

  • The Washington Post had an article about another genius move by the American Academy of Pediatrics. These are the same wizards that decided last October that all pediatricians should dissuade their patients from cosleeping with infants to prevent SIDS. They had a study that was funded by the Juvenile Furniture Manufacturers Association that showed that a very small number of kids had suffocated in adult beds or sleeping on sofas. The vast majority of SIDS deaths still occur in cribs, not to mention, suffocation is not SIDS. So, they put out a sweeping statement against cosleeping, which is stupid, because it is a very safe way to sleep,when done properly & the majority of the world cosleeps. The statement came across as treating all parents like idiots who can`t make decisions for themselves about how to get the best sleep. For many people, having a baby next to them helps everyone to get the most sleep. Japan has always been a cosleeping culture and they have the lowest rate of SIDS in the developed world.

    So today, I see that they are recommending that even lactose intolerant kids get some cows milk. They did admit this, "None of the authors of the AAP guidelines received dairy industry funding. But over the past three years, the AAP has received $100,000 from the National Dairy Council to support the industry group's "3-A-Day of Dairy for Stronger Bones" campaign and a new calcium information brochure." So as usual we can see that real information gets blurred by $$, especially when it comes to the AAP.

    I have a lactose intolerant 6 year old, who will lay on the floor doubled up in pain if he has more than one slice of pizza. It was a challenge to make sure he didn`t have to drink milk in the cafeteria. I think cows milk is WEIRD, I think drinking it is just GNARLY. I do love cheese though, ha ha . But... cows milk is designed to take a 90 lb animal to 900 lbs in one year, it is species specific milk, and that is not our species. Because its so heavy and strong, we have to add chemicals, process it and make it thinner just to drink it. Why bother? There is calcium in many other healthier sources that is easier to absorb. I could go on all day but I hate this myth that cows milk is important. With babies, there`s a rush to get them off the breast and into drinking cows milk. From species specific milk to thick weird milk from a huge animal. Does that make any sense? Also, kidney stones are proof to me that we excrete milk before we get any of the calcium. Cows milk goes right through us b/c its so wrong for us and then calcium builds up in places where it shouldn`t, like kidneys. The AAP is proving to me to be a bunch of lunchboxes, just do some real unallied-with-industry research and be real with us. Another reason why I take my kids to a family practice doctor, better care & less agendas.

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